NUS Chinese Society Exco Team 2011/2012

NUS Chinese Society Exco Team 2011/2012

President: Li Jian

Vice President: Fang Yan

General Secretatry: Yi Ge

Treasurer: Jiang Weisi

Wellfare Director: Fan Xinyu

Marketing Director: Li Runyuan

Publicity Director: Zhao Yufeng

Logistic & Technology Director: He Bin

Literature Sub-com President: Luo Xuan

Chinese Calligraphy Sub-com President: An Dongmei

Crosstalk Sub-com President: Huang Tuoyu

Chinese Orchestra Sub-com President: Yu Zhongxiang

Chinese Drama Sub-com President: Sun Qingxia

Geyao Sub-com President: Xu Yajing

Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Award (STCLA) Director: Zhao Kaiwen

National Chinese General Knowledge Competition (NCGKC) Director: Wang Hou


2 responses to “NUS Chinese Society Exco Team 2011/2012

  1. 您好!






    ps: 不好意思 ,不知道Zhao Kaiwen看不看得到啊? 呵呵….

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